Two Chrome extensions you must install: Reader View & Dark Reader

There are two unrelated things that bother me. One, Chrome doesn't have an in-built reading view mode. Two, Microsoft hasn't implemented a dark system theme for Windows 10 on the desktop yet. First, I'll tackle Chrome's missing reading view. Apple's Safari has one (it might have been the first). Microsoft's new Edge has one. Evernote used to make an extension called Clearly, but it's gone now. It was free, then you had to pay for Evernote just to use the advanced features, but they've clearly (LOL) just given up on it. I used to like Evernote, but now they suck, so I use Wunderlist. It also clips pages a helluva lot faster than Evernote (and OneNote, for that matter). 

The Elegant Cape: A year in the life of America's preeminent perpetual loser optimist

NOTE: The original title to this piece was "If you feel like someone's out to get you, they probably are". I decided to change it because I had just written down what popped into my head and it's a little "out there", if you know what I mean. Nobody is out to get me. When I spent some time thinking about it, a visual metaphor came to mind. Hence, the new title. The cape is a beautiful distraction. Inside, my soul is broken and the laughing, jovial, juvenile, and kind imbecile I project is just a shadow of who I am. Look inside the cape, and the elegance fades quickly away. And yet, I remain optimistic, hoping that one day I achieve something, even something small and insignificant. Or, something big, like saving my family. 

Ah, good old paranoia. It's an American classic with two slices of cheese and a side of Freedom Fries. The funny thing is, sometimes you are completely right to feel paranoid. I know I do, and with good cause. My little family has been having the shit hit the fan for well over a year now.

Give me a break, Twitter: Breaking 140

How much more can you people take?! This ludicrous 140-character limit is the pits and a half. Sure, it was all about SMS integration back when SMS was more than just a megaphone for your carrier to tell you you've used up all your 4G. Now, everybody uses Telegram or Messenger or WhatsApp or SnapChat or something. SMS wasn't the solution and Twitter sure as hell ain't doing anyone any favors by desperately clinging to that long dead horse. 

Oops! Your tweet is too long. You'll have to be more creative.

That's just a cop out. Grow up, Twitter! You figured it out for DMs, now do it for regular tweets. You don't have to open the floodgates, just make the limit 500 or something. 140 is insane!