Don't vote because you think your vote doesn't matter? Think again.

Chew on this little gem for a minute. 

When you don't vote, you, and the millions of other Americans who don't vote, have an ENORMOUS effect on the direction of America. When you don't vote, you GIVE your votes away for free to any lunatic or zealot who gladly votes however they are told. When you don't vote, you are effectively voting for whomever leads in the polls. Why are they leading in the polls? Because you aren't out there voting. 

So, the next time you respond to someone's query about why you don't vote and you're ready to roll out the "My votes don't matter" or "All of the candidates suck" excuses, think about what really happens when you don't vote. Maybe if the people in Michigan went out to vote, Governor Rick Snyder wouldn't have made it to office, and the emergency managers plan would never have been signed into law, then 100,000 people in Flint wouldn't have lead poisoning. 

There is no action or inaction that does not have a consequence. Period.