Blogging is a lot like... well, something, I can tell you!

I don't know why, but it always seems like when I'm confronted with the need to develop an idea for a post, I think about blogging. 


When I write, especially here, I am blogging, so what's the point of writing about blogging as I write on a blog? Not sure, really, but it seems like the thing to do. So, here's some writing about blogging. First, though, an image for no real reason.

For some reason, I collect images like these. I like them. When I post them to public forums, people talk about them, which might be the point. There are some sites (ahem, top notch) where I am notorious for my images. True, they freak some people out, but I don't post anything hyper-creepy or pornographic*. 


So, anyway, writing. I am what I call an ordered free thought writer. I generally start with an opening sentence, and then go from there. Once I have enough material down, I re-read it and edit myself. Where I can, I add more material, rewrite for clarity or additional context, and keep writing until all of my points are clear, at least to me. 

On larger pieces, I abandon this approach entirely and work from an outline. I will develop a complete outline with notes until the structure of the work is clear from the initial standpoint. This is what I did with Getting An IT Help Desk Job For Dummies. Even though I eventually removed a few sections and realigned things, the big framework allowed me to just fill in the holes. It also allowed me to stop working on something I wasn't in to or having trouble with, and get writing done elsewhere. 

It really helps me to have a clear picture of the end result when I start writing. On smaller pieces, like this very post, it's easy. Once I get over 2,500 words, though, a piece starts to need some formatting, which is where an outline can come in handy. 

I just use Word. It's good at outlines. 

Well, that's it. I wrote about me writing, which seems somewhat recursively cannibalistic. I hope my words are tasty :)