Making a murderer making me mad

Binge TV. yay. Thanks Netflix. Yesterday, nothing better to do, I fired up the first episode of Netflix's Making A Murderer documini-series. 


So, ludicrously engrossing, engaging, frustrating. You should watch it if you haven't already. Just be prepared for frustration. Without giving away anything, I can say that there is no resolution at the end. Nothing is solved. The Avery's aren't made whole. You will likely be disgusted and pray you never end up with the American justice system being charged with your well being. 

I think what really upsets me, though, is that people can be so swayed by the media that they appear to simply abandon even the suggestion of independent or critical thought. Broken people and families are paraded around on screens pocketable and enormous to push up ratings, and we consider it entertainment. 

I wonder often if our outrage is even real.