RE: I already support progressive causes. Stop spamming me.

Dear Progressive Friends,

Look, I like you. I'm glad you're working to get the insane Citizen's United overturned and the entire raft of other things we'd all like to see. It makes me feel good to know that I'm not alone, and I appreciate that there are more than enough people to create all manner of organizations that champion our causes. 

What I don't appreciate, however, is all of the spam. I already spend enough of my time every day working on the same things you people are. I don't need to be endlessly distracted by cleverly worded emails or calls to help avert potential disaster. I, of all people, know exactly the precipice on which we are delicately teetering. 

I suggest that you try a little harder to figure out ways to treat those who work as hard as you do on the same issues with a little more respect. That way, I don't have a mark your crap as spam or unsubscribe. Maybe I might even get to see something useful on occasion, after spending 2 hours combing the newsosphere and blogosphere for anything on Bernie.

LOL. As if. 

Thanks a bunch!